productsliderimageRockochet is the World’s first and only rock and debris deflector for most skateboards. Our biggest challenge when designing the deflector was to provide safety, without losing the functionality of the skateboard. Uneven riding surfaces and the many tricks today’s skateboarders are performing, made designing Rockochet even more difficult. Every detail in the design of Rockochet was made to meet these challenges. Rockochet is spring loaded, this allows the deflector to articulate up and out of the way when performing the majority of your tricks. Cracks in the sidewalk are not a problem because the face of the deflector is angled to allow it to slide up and over. The four screw clamp-like design of the base allows for a universal mount to most skateboards. Furthermore, it allows for fine adjustments to be made in height to compensate for differences in trucks and wheel sizes. The ultra light weight, proprietary materials used in Rockochet provides incredible strength. This is essential because riding conditions can be harsh and a board’s weight distribution is critical when performing tricks. Attach Rockochet to your skateboard and RIDE FREE!